This is the Homepage for the ANZAC Starsiege based squad.

The join page is fully operational. Click the Join button if you would like to join us.
NOTE: Please read the rules section first.

03 January 2001 I have put the public beta release of my VOL extraction utility on the downloads page.
1 December 2000 The first part of my new utility, the script editor, is now available from the download page.
03 October 2000 I have put version 1.02.08 of my bitmap conversion utility on the downloads page.
28 September 2000 I have modified my bitmap conversion utility.
6 September 2000 I have added my bitmap conversion utility to the download page and modified the links to other script and map sites, as some of them have changed.
22 March 2000 I have changed the layout of the download page and added links to other script and map sites.
8 January 2000 I have fixed some of the problems with the way Netscape displays these pages.
It now shows all the right colors and font sizes. However there are still some major display problems with the Vehicle Deopt page.
If you know of any fixes for this problem email me.
29 December 1999 I have started to add the vehicle depot page.
It is still largely unfinished.
18 December 1999 Applied the Starsiege format to all pages.
17 December 1999 The ANZAC Application page is now operational.
16 December 1999 Modified the lefthand menu to new format, and added the members page.